Welcome to Dublin’s north inner city
Each year, Local Walking Tours are included in the Festival Programme. Year on year these tours are oversubscribed and are considered one of the festival highlights.

On the back of this widespread interest in the rich history and culture of the area, The Five Lamps Arts decided in 2018 to collaborate with artist John Ruddy and historian Hugo McGuiness to develop a series of Walking Tour Booklets and associated videos.

The first two booklets produced were a North Wall tour of the area, and an historic guide about the famous Monto. These booklets have been distributed for free by The Five Lamps Arts and the videos are available to the public on the website and YouTube.

Particular demand for the booklets was generated when the project was featured on Nationwide. In 2019, two additional booklets were produced covering Bram Stoker in the north inner City and Sean McDermott Street. This year, four further booklets will be launched including a walking tour of Dublin’s Deep-Sea Port.