Are you at that point in your life where you have learned to laugh at life’s dramas and stresses?, need and appreciate the company of other imperfect adults?, like to meet people outside formal networking events?, are tired from the commitment of evening classes? Perhaps we have just the thing for you…




(MAY 15 TH /22 ND /29 TH AT 8PM)

Anne and Sharon decided to try a new way of getting together – casual chat-based evening events inviting open-minded adult humans to come along. We will have a few talkative women at the top of the room in a panel to share their musings, stories, jokes, life-lessons and observations on a given broad-based topic – see below. Anne and Sharon will facilitate the event, keep things on track and show the fire exits. Men are welcome along. However – spoiler-alert – we will have predominantly female content.  We promise we will not put anyone on the spot or allow topics to get too heavy.  The goal is chat, fun and entertainment.

Theme 1: Are you an Adult?
When did I discover I was a real life grown up? Am I doing it correctly? Is there a rule book?

Theme 2: How do I ground myself?
Who am I? How do I describe me to myself? Do I have unique value? How do I stay grounded?

Theme 3: Why do I have to decide everything?
How do I make solid decisions? What if I get it wrong? Is it normal to have so many decisions to make? Will it ever stop?

For a €5 entry fee you will get a fun night out and all proceeds will go to Peter McVerry Trust.