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The sixteenth annual Five Lamps Arts Festival

In 2023 the Festival kicked off on March 13th with a jam-packed schedule ending on the 2nd of April. Three weeks of fun celebrating arts, culture, diversity, and inclusion.

Paul Kelly’s exhibition in Central Bank marked the beginning of the festival with a captivating exhibition. Named ‘Winds of Change’, it illustrated the ever-changing urban landscape of Dublin 1 through his photography and short film. 

Among the highlights of the 16th edition of the Festival the event ‘To Be Migrant’, by  Artmulti Brazil and REIC  brought artists from many different backgrounds to share the stage and talk about stories, culture and feelings. A a multilingual event in a welcoming space held at the CHQ building. 

The five lamps art festival 2023
About Festival 2023

On the 23rd of March the Craic Club hosted a thrilling night of live music, dance, burlesque and queer performances by Drag Queen Marian Mary. Marian Mary the 6th blended a unique style of music and comedy with a political twist exploring what it means to be Irish, an event to celebrate queer identity and inclusion at its best. 

As always, we  had our family-friendly events held at Mud Island Community Garden. The local community developed the garden on a derelict site over ten years ago. It plays not only a social, recreational and educational role in this area, but it is a bio-diverse and environmentally sustainable place. The garden hosted Imagination Playground, Cikada Circus, and surprise events, including an arts and craft market for families and children to enjoy their day and have fun. 

Each and every year, we are inspired to continue encouraging the arts in the North Inner City, but of course, we would not be able to do so without the devoted help of our many friends across Dublin. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our sponsors, including the Arts Council, Dublin City Council, the Central Bank, Coopers Crossing and, of course, the NEIC, our biggest supporter in the last few years. 

Moreover, we would love to thank and express deep appreciation for our Chairperson, Sean Mulchinock, for his nine years of dedicated help to the festival. Sean’s leadership and guidance were instrumental to our growth and success. To Marcela Parducci, our talented project manager, volunteers and interns from all around the globe, we cannot thank everyone enough! 


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