Projects from the Five Lamps Arts Festival…

The Five Lamps Arts Hub has developed several projects in partnership with local groups and schools. We are immensely proud of these projects which all contribute to our goal of making the area a better place to live and work for all.

Beyond the festival, our programme is developed in response to community requests. Our approach is to support and build upon what already exists and help residents who approach us for support to realise their ideas. We work closely with various schools and community groups, for example, we have worked with organisations representing different ethnicities such as to create platforms to celebrate and share their cultures. This celebration of diversity adds great community value, given that fifty percent of the population of the area were born outside of Ireland.

We have many projects aimed at the youth of the Five Lamps area. Recently we have worked with local North Dublin drag artists on a series called Drag Storytime. The aim of this project is to increase awareness and understanding for the drag community in the younger North Dublin population. These kind of projects are typical of what we do. We attempt to increase inclusivity for all people in the arts community of the Five Lamps through series such as this.

Additionally, despite the rich culture, artistic talent, diversity, and heritage of the North East Inner City, more widely, its reputation was one of dereliction, poverty, drugs and crime. These projects from the Five Lamps Hub are just another string to achieve our Mission of changing the perception of the area.