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Projects we’re proud of

The Five Lamps Arts Hub has developed several projects in partnership with local groups and schools.
Those projects are part of the ambition of the festival of making the area a good place to live and work.


The Five Lamps Arts primarily works with residents of the North East Inner City. Throughout the festival residents are involved as board members, artists, producers and performers, as volunteers running the festival, as audience members and workshop participants.

Beyond the festival, our programme is developed in response to community requests. Our approach is to support and build upon what already exists and help residents who approach us for support to realise their ideas. We work closely with various schools and community groups, for example, we have worked with organisations representing different ethnicities to create platforms to celebrate and share their cultures. Given that fifty percent of the population of the area were born outside of Ireland, this celebration of diversity adds great community value.

Exclusion from the arts has a limiting effect on people’s lives, particularly the lives of young people. Where individuals believe that participation in culture and the arts is “not for them” because of their socio-economic status, their sense of exclusion from the rest of society is exacerbated, and opportunities to imagine new paths for their lives, careers, and ways of being are shut down. Alongside this, the wider reputation of an area has an impact on people’s sense of pride in their local identity.

Poverty, generational unemployment, legacy drug addiction, crime and violence affect the North East Inner City -while an Arts organisation does not aim to directly solve any one of these specific problems, it does present a new way of doing things and slowly opens up opportunities. It gives vibrancy, pride and identity to a community.

Additionally, despite the rich culture, artistic talent, diversity, and heritage of the North East Inner City, more widely, its reputation was one of dereliction, poverty, drugs and crime.

The projects are just another string to achieve our Mission of changing the perception of the area.


Five Lamps Arts Projects

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