We believe passionately that bringing people together is a key part of arts and culture, a passion shared with our talented friends in Allergy Theatre Productions. The result of our latest collaboration is a fresh new play for the Dublin stage, The Cloudspotter.

Rebellious teenager Thomas lives with his grandmother, Nan, who with the onset of dementia is resisting family attempts to move her away from her grandson and into a home. As the play unfolds both characters soon learn that their love and mutual respect allow them to meet everything life throws at them.

Lines are learned, and rehearsals are already underway.

When and Where?

28th and 29th April and 9th to 21st May in Sean O’Casey Theatre, Dublin 3 . Get Tickets HERE or Contact us to 0879737401 or contact@fivelampsarts.ie

5th and 6th May in Axis, Ballymun, Dublin. Get Tickets HERE