A Grey Area- a Rehearsed Reading with Songs

A Grey Area image (1)

A rehearsed reading of ‘A Grey Area’, written by Paula Lonergan in collaboration with Lorraine Mc Colgan.

“To acknowledge that I am dead acknowledges that I lived”. A drama in which the council is digging up the suicide plot at Clonliffe Crossroads as the land has been sold to private developers. The locals have campaigned strongly for the plot to be remembered and so as a gesture the council are going to ‘re-house’ 20 suicides in ‘proper graves’.

As there are thousands of suicides buried there, all of whom are desperate to be considered, the council have set up a ‘status-seeker’ interview process whereby the suicides come forward and present their case in order to be allocated a plot. Each case is as compelling and desperate as the next as each one knows they will never rest in peace without this acknowledgement of their existence. This is not their only concern…

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