Samba and Sunsets: a Brazilian Extravaganza

Samba and Sunsets: a Brazilian Extravaganza

Two immigrant artists share a nano-flat in Dublin. This intercultural clash unveils the social cracks of a cosmopolitan city. Between these cracks, a heartfelt, poetic, hilarious scenic delirium arises.

‘Samba and Sunsets: A Brazilian Extravaganza’ is a 45-minute play crafted by Brazilian artist Carlos Darzé to explore the rifts of intercultural encounters in a so-called cosmopolitan world. The production encapsulates elements of Brazil, Ireland, Italy, and the essence of every individual who has ever dared to live, dream, love, and work beyond their homeland. Through the interweaving of poetry, video-art, and theatre, the performance articulates an intimate intercultural clash, extending an invitation into the delicate and tumultuous souls of two immigrant artists.


Apr 17 2024



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Sean O'Casey Theatre
18-26 St Mary's Road, East Wall, Dublin 3


The Five Lamps Arts Festival
+353 879737401

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