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Turbante-se workshop

Turbante-se Workshop with Thaís Muniz

The Turbante-se workshop by artist Thaís Muniz goes beyond practical tutorials to share the rich and complex history of turbans and headwraps in Afro-Atlantic cultures. Spanning ancient to contemporary times, delve into characters, traditions, new meanings, and the non-verbal communication implied through the head. Discover its role in art, politics, and aesthetics and learn to use the same scarf for head wraps & clothing styles. More than teaching you how to tie, she wants to tell you why.

The full Workshop lasts around 2 hours and 30 minutes, where you’ll learn 7 styles of headwraps and 3 creative ways to use scarves as clothing and includes a headwrap to get you started!

About Thaís

The Turbante-se workshop offers a lively and engaging experience created by the artist Thaís Muniz, who founded the Turbante-se platform in 2012. Muniz has pioneered research on turbans and headwraps in Afro-Atlantic cultures, connecting traditions, new meanings, and the non-verbal communication implied through the head, as well as their place in art, politics, and aesthetics.

The workshop begins with a lecture in which Thaís explores the complex history of turbans and headwraps in the Afro-Atlantic diaspora, spanning from ancient to contemporary times. This part of the workshop aims to highlight the meanings of this symbol while discussing aesthetics, politics, art, and empowerment. Participants will discover various characters and references within this universe, along with practical ways to tie different styles of headwraps.

As a contemporary Afro-diasporic platform, Turbante-se’s central aspects of practices and narratives unfold through turbans and headwraps as tools, translating and empowering stories from the perspective of the Global South for diverse worldwide audiences.


Apr 13 2024


15:00 - 16:30

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The Dean Arts Studios
4 Chatham Row, Dublin 2, Dublin, D02 PA06


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