Saint Patrick’s Parade


St Patrick’s Parade with a marching band and samba drums. Fun for children and the whole family. Come celebrate Ireland’s most famous saint with the Five Lamps Arts Festival at this festive parade!

_MGA1028 _MGA1031 _MGA1032 _MGA1034 _MGA1038 _MGA1040 _MGA1045 _MGA1046 _MGA1047 _MGA1049 _MGA1050 _MGA1051 _MGA1055 _MGA1058 _MGA1059 _MGA1062 _MGA1067 _MGA1069 _MGA1074 _MGA1075 _MGA1077 _MGA1078 _MGA1080 _MGA1082 _MGA1083 _MGA1085 _MGA1088 _MGA1089 _MGA1090 _MGA1091 _MGA1093 _MGA1102 _MGA1104 _MGA1108 _MGA1112 _MGA1116 _MGA1121 _MGA1133 _MGA1175 _MGA1176 _MGA1182 _MGA1190 _MGA1193 _MGA1195 _MGA1200 _MGA1201 _MGA1214 _MGA1227 _MGA1229 _MGA1231 _MGA1233 _MGA1243 _MGA1244 _MGA1248 _MGA1253 _MGA1254 _MGA1256 _MGA1257 _MGA1259 _MGA1262 _MGA1263 _MGA1272 _MGA1274 _MGA1276 _MGA1288 _MGA1297 _MGA1305 _MGA1306 _MGA1321 _MGA1322 _MGA1323 _MGA1324Logo croke park

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