“Madame de Markievicz on Trial” by Ann Matthews

Come check out “Madame de Markievicz on Trial”, a new play by Ann Matthews, from 21st April to 2nd May. Ann has been involved with the Five Lamps Arts Festival in the past so we are very happy to be supporting her new play!  

Monto Walk with Terry Fagan

  A Walk back in time with Terry Fagan North Inner City Folklore Project. Story’s from around Dublin’s famous Red-Light district known as Monto. Hear the story’s of the famous Madams who ran the brothels, and of the women known as the “Poor Unfortunates” who walked the Streets of Monto  and of the man Frank […]

Fuss on the Bus

Fuss on the Bus follows the lives of two girls by way of a bus journey through the decades. We first meet Nell and Rita as 12-year-olds in 1954 as their bus trundles along Abbey Street, Upper Gardner Street, Drumcondra, Dublin Airport, Santry, Lusk, Skerries and Balbriggan. A whole life will be lived and loved from school days […]

Bathnight on Henrietta Street

Bathnight on Henrietta Street takes place on the 24th of July, 1969. And what’s so important you might ask? Is it that man has just landed on the moon with all Ireland gripped around their TV sets as man takes one giant leap into the unknown? Not a bit of it! It’s Bathnight on Henrietta Street and that’s […]

Dublin’s Laptop Orchestra

Dublin Laptop Orchestra’s aim is to bring theatricality and physical presence into electronic music performance. They make music with laptops, built-in cameras, motion sensors, golf controllers, and anything else they can misappropriate. The Dublin Laptop Orchestra has played with This Is How Fly, Yurodny, Crash Ensemble and the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and have created numerous […]