Five Lamps Arts Festival 2018 launch party

Five Lamps Arts Festival 2018 launch party yesterday in Belvedere House was a great success. Thank you to all the artists, volunteers, sponsors, partners, board and friends. The Festival cannot exist without all of you. We are sharing few pictures from last night by PKStudio3 Weddings.  

Dreaming and Clowning at FLAF

The Five Lamps Arts Festival is big on events for children. I had the pleasure of going to see two events provided free of charge to local primary schools. The Magikloko Theatre Company presented and performed Dreams Under the Roof at Marino College for the junior and senior infant classes of St Vincent’s Girls National […]

Culinary Ingenuity and Tasty Mish Mash

On Saturday 1st April, VOICE and Connect the Dots brings you free food and tips for avoiding food waste as part of the 2017 Five Lamps Arts Festival. Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment (VOICE) is a waste and water charity that empowers individuals and local communities to take positive action to conserve our […]

The Uncertain Life of a Docker

“‘Oh Jaysus, a fella’s after falling in the river’. And a voice came from the other side, now normally they’d say throw him a buoy, but some fella shouted, ‘Is it a button man?’, and someone shouts back, ‘Throw him a bar!’” That was a quip from one of the Dublin Dockers who is part […]

On 6th April, Talking To My Father (2005), Sé Merry Doyle’s documentary about Architect Robin Walker will be screened as part of the 2017 Five Lamps Arts Festival.

Sé Merry Doyle makes documentaries about culturally defining moments in Ireland from the perspective of the human story or experience. Talking To My Father is as much about the father and son relationship as it is about Robin Walker, the influential modernist architect. Robin Walker (1924-1991) was a key figure in Irish modernist architecture. He studied […]