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North Inner City Exhibition


A series of landscapes and abstract paintings

This work is a mix of well-known spots in Dublin and some personal paintings created over the past year by artist Tara Kearns. As always, within the work, she tries to implement a strong contrast in colour and diverse use of lines, but the main focus of the work is to create something that people can recognise and relate to.





Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

These drawings are of people currently living in Dublin – some were born here, others moved here. Others moved here. Some came many years ago, some more recently. Rebecca hopes these drawings reflect the new Ireland and its multitude of backgrounds. We may come from diverse cultures, but we are all people sharing the same space and earth. It is by chance that any of us are born in a particular part of the world, into a specific situation. This is something none of us control. Some of us are lucky; some are less so. These drawings are an act of solidarity, and a reflection of a desire to express togetherness and empathy.




Joe Is a sculptor, born and raised in Ireland. He became interested in sculpting at an early age. His first piece was a crucifix constructed with washers, welding rods and other pieces of scrap metal; the object gained immediate attention when Joe took it to the altar of a power station chapel. The comments and controversy around the metal crucifix made Joe continue sculpting. Since then, Joe has created a multitude of abstract sculptures all over the world. He has exhibited work from 1978-2007 and is giving his career a new lease of life with the Five Lamps Arts Festival in March 2023. Joe has a piece in Fairview Park, Dublin, a stone’s throw away from his home. It is called ‘Family’, and the location of the sculpture is familiar to Joe and has a strong association with the family. The sculpture represents three figures, two parents and a child in the centre, but only has four legs; the parents are supporting the child. According to the artist, this piece represents the importance of unity because if the parents separate that support, the ‘unit’ falls apart. His work is admired nationally and internationally, with artwork at Dublin airport and ‘Family 2’ in France.


Mar 27 2023 - Apr 01 2023


10:00 - 17:00


D-Light Studios
46 North Great Clarence St, Ballybough, Dublin 1, D01 K2Y1

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