The Cloudspotter by Michael Harnett


Following a run of outstanding performances in April, Micheal Harnett’s play, “The Cloudspotter”, returns to the Sean O’Casey Theatre this May.

“The Cloudspotter” is about Nan, a woman in her seventies showing signs of dementia, and Thomas, her wayward 16-year-old grandson. They live together in an inner-city flat in Dublin’s Five Lamps and – despite differences and difficulties – are close.

Things come to a head though, when estranged daughter, Annie, tries to put Nan into a home after she’s found wandering the streets.

But grandmother and grandson won’t be separated that easily…

“The Cloudspotter” is a compelling drama about a special relationship that spans generations, and the lengths we go to protect those we love.

Deirdre Monaghan (from the likes of “Redwater”, “Game of Thrones” and “Sacrifice”) vividly brings the wonderful Nan to life, while emerging talent and recent Gaiety School of Acting graduate, Callum Maxwell, plays Thomas with innocence, wit and guile. Brenda Brooks (“Charlie”, “Brother” and “Play Next Door”) brings threat and menace to the character of Annie.

Acting and performance veteran Vinnie McCabe skillfully directs the production.

Also, after each performance, there will be an audience discussion about the issues raised in the play.

The Five Lamps Arts Festival is proud to promote this engaging, moving and important production as part of their 2022 programme.

When and Where?


Playing from the 13th to the 21st of May at the Sean O’Casey Theatre.


Get your tickets via Eventbrite here, or contact us at 0879737401 or

P.S. Micheal recently had an engaging chat with Jack Gilligan of Dublin City FM, where they discussed the play, among other things. Click here to give it a listen. It starts about 19 minutes in (The Five Lamps Fest gets a mention towards the end, too!).

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