“Winds of Change”, essay by Ingrid Lyons


Paul Kelly is a photographer based in the docklands area of Dublin. With a keen eye for
momentary happenings and a sympathy for narrative context, he brings his subjects into focus
against a backdrop of change and transience. Kelly moved to the area 15 or 16 years ago and
initiated a body of work in 2014 that involved working closely with local residents and soon-to-
be friends. Kelly’s eye for momentary shifts, subtleties, turns and intricacies, his careful
navigation of boundaries and conscientious attitude with a camera, endeared him to the creative
community in the area and he became a sort of informal resident photographer, creating
portraits and documenting events alongside other local artists and activists. Since moving to the
area, he has eked out a role as resident artist within the community dynamics.

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Ingrid Lyons

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