“Mosaic”, essay by Ingrid Lyons


Tara Kearns, Rebecca Kehoe and Joe Moran

Mosaic brings together the work of three artists associated with the North Inner City. This
exhibition serves as a generative and experimental meeting point where common threads and
associative subject matter can be celebrated through the presentation of works in the three
distinct mediums of drawing, painting and sculpture. There is also an element of site specificity
of the artists’ practices, which has grown from their deep connection with the place. Each artist
interacts with the area, representing its stories, and merges their own narratives in a life of
making art.
Tara Kearns is from Sheriff Street in Dublin 1, and her path as an emerging artist is often shaped
by her experiences as an activist and storyteller within her community. In a country where visual
art has been culturally disregarded and economically underfunded, working independently and
creatively is often deemed too precarious a career path for someone who is not a from a
privileged background. For many people, making art can seem like an unsustainable luxury.
Kearns’s work affirms the importance of the role of artist and this is evident in her energy and
determination with painting. After spending many years as a portrait painter in the area, this
body of work sees Kearns shift towards a more frenetic and explorative way of painting people,
alluding to the relationship between portraiture, caricature and abstraction.

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Ingrid Lyons

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