Plants and Soil in our City Gardens and Canal Banks

“Plants and Soil in our City Gardens and Canal Banks” is an art project with the Laurence O’Toole Senior Primary Girls and Boys Schools and artist Martina Galvin. It involves a series of workshops in school as well as field trips to The Dunne Street Community Garden and the Royal Canal. Art works created will be exhibited as part of the […]

North Strand Kontra Band supported by Locoswing

The North Strand Kontra Band was formed on the North side of Dublin in the Winter of 2005. They are an instrumental band that plays a mix of original and traditional material influenced predominantly by the music of Romania and Bulgaria. The band has played to critical acclaim in many of the leading venues and […]

Niamh Creely: Physical Narrative Workshop

Physical Narrative – how can the body tell a story? This workshop will explore how to refine and define gesture, minimalist narrative – how stories can be told with the barest of ingredients – and comic improvisation. The workshop is by writer and circus performer Niamh Creely of Ether Productions. You don’t need to be […]

Fuss on the Bus

Fuss on the Bus follows the lives of two girls by way of a bus journey through the decades. We first meet Nell and Rita as 12-year-olds in 1954 as their bus trundles along Abbey Street, Upper Gardner Street, Drumcondra, Dublin Airport, Santry, Lusk, Skerries and Balbriggan. A whole life will be lived and loved from school days […]

Bathnight on Henrietta Street

Bathnight on Henrietta Street takes place on the 24th of July, 1969. And what’s so important you might ask? Is it that man has just landed on the moon with all Ireland gripped around their TV sets as man takes one giant leap into the unknown? Not a bit of it! It’s Bathnight on Henrietta Street and that’s […]