Irish Modern Dance Theater’s ‘In The Vicinity of the Sun’, commissioned by Five Lamps Arts Festival 2021, has been programmed at the DIA DE LOS REYES festival at the Museum of Boulder, Colorado, USA. DIA DE LOS REYES is an international arts festival of Dance, Music, Literature, Visual Arts and Film, with live and online events. It featured artists from Mexico, the USA, Spain, Columbia, Sweden and Belgium. DIA DE LOS REYES ran from January 2nd – 6th featuring works giving messages of hope and collaboration across cultures. ‘In the Vicinity of the Sun’ features a diverse cast of 7 Irish based dancers from Ireland, Zambia, Brazil and Dominican Republic, choreographed and conceived by John Scott and filmed in the Five Lamps area by award winning director, Luca Truffarelli. The dancers express their individual feelings and movement styles in seven solos, linked by water, railways, bridges, and pathways, moving in the vicinity of the sun. Music by Michael Scott. In the Vicinity of the Sun premiered at Five Lamps Arts Festival 2021 and was described by Arts Council Chair, Kevin Rafter as “14 minutes of bliss”.